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Keep Your Lone Workers Safe During Guard Tours and Patrols

Track, Supervise, and Communicate with Your Remote and Lone Workers at All Times with a Lone Worker Safety Solution

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Always Know Where Your Lone Workers Are

Track lone workers with GPS during remote or risky tours and receive emergency notification alerts if an officer needs assistance.
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Track Workers' Safety Status

Connect operational visibility via the Command Center and keep track of lone workers' safety status. Immediately dispatch help in case of an emergency alert.
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Protect Your Reputation and Interest

Having a lone worker protection app in place not only protects your business’ reputation and financial interests, it also sends a strong message to your employees.

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ASIS, Capterra 4/5 Star Rating, ASTORS Homeland Security Award

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Manual Panic Alarm and True Fall Detection

Ensure security guard safety and let solo guards on patrol request immediate assistance for emergency situations. 

Phone Tilt Detection

Detect when a lone worker’s device tilts and set to respond with a signal indicating emergency or requested assistance. 

Danger Zone Timer

Whenever a lone worker enters a danger zone during a tour, set a timer that will indicate a safe amount of time before an officer requires assistance, if officer has not indicated safety. 

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Use Trackforce’s built-in push-to-talk capabilities for lone worker communications with supervisors. 

GPS, NFC, and Barcode Technology to Track Officers in Real-Time

Deploy NFC or barcode tags at checkpoints along tour and patrol routes giving you real-time lone worker location tracking inside and out.  

Command Center

Ensure swift emergency dispatch with an aerial map view of your lone workers locations and nearby security officers 

We Are Your Partner Who Understands Security

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Local Customer Support

We offer customer support in the U.S. and on five continents, ensuring that you and your users have access to a knowledgeable specialist during your business hours and in your language.

Highly Customizable

Security requirements and threats are never the same. That’s why our experienced customer success team will work with you to customize the system to achieve your goals.
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Customer Value First

We are not just selling you features but we’ll work with you on a complete solution that provides you with true value and moves your organization forward.

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Trackforce has been vital to our success and continues to go above and beyond to meet all of our objectives.



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With Trackforce , we can prove to our clients that security officers are doing what they are supposed to.

- Amber Claunch
Global Protection Management

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Trackforce has become an integral partner in the success and growth of our security company.


- Joe Murphy
SOS Security

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ASIS, Capterra 4/5 Star Rating, ASTORS Homeland Security Award